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Get new friends for your organization at no net cost!

If you’re not in the mail now acquiring new donors, subscribers or customers, you’re missing a great opportunity!

You see, Response Unlimited’s clients are seeing phenomenal growth. Even as hard costs for postage and production increase, those organizations that are acquiring mailing lists through Response Unlimited and using Response Unlimited for creative and production are realizing results unmatched by other companies.

For over 32 years, God has provided Response Unlimited’s creative team with the ability to create acquisition mail that, on average, generates better than break-even results — in spite of the economy! In fact, from January 2012 through May 2014 Response Unlimited’s clients generated over three quarters of a million new names, and over a quarter million first-time donors and customers for their organizations. And even more amazing is on average 86 cents out of every dollar spent to acquire those new donors and customers was immediately recovered from the initial contact!

See for yourself, by visiting Response Unlimited’s online portfolio.

What’s more, even organizations mailing for causes typically considered most difficult to raise money for have experienced close to break-even results. Why? Because of superb, compelling, benefit-oriented copy in which we honestly believe. We utilize the most targeted lists and segments, and our costs are extremely reasonable for such exceptional performance!

Frankly, donors and consumers are looking for worthwhile causes, products and services — especially if they make a difference. If you and your organization are having an impact, you need Response Unlimited to help you tell your story and recruit new friends to your organization at a cost that makes sense.

In addition to compelling copywriting and editing services, Response Unlimited is the place to turn to for graphic design, as well! Our designers know what it takes to capture attention that demands readership — whether it be a brochure, book cover, email template, newsletter design, or a new logo or corporate branding. If you are interested in design services, go here.

All it takes is for you to pick up the phone and call us at 540-943-6721, email us at or send us a note using our online contact form. Whether it’s copywriting or design or both, it’s time you started getting superior results!

We at Response Unlimited are here to serve you and help you tell your story — acquiring new donors, subscribers or customers at a surprisingly effective cost. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Contact us today. This can be the start of phenomenal growth that you could never have imagined!

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